Vision & Mission

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Our vision is to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery by our clients to the benefit of their patient communities, providers, and organizations as a whole.


CAI strives for Healthcare Information Technology utilization to its fullest potential. We maximize organizational investment in the HIT through site-specific solution designs, increase provider and departmental productivity, and improve patient safety and regulatory compliance. Our expertise in automating HIT workflow translates into process improvement and patient flow initiative gains that impact our clients’ bottom line.

Our Track Record:

CAI consistently delivers valuable and directly applicable experience to our customers, translating this into more productive and effective HIT implementations. Many of our customers have said that we trimmed a year or more off of their learning curve and cut countless amounts of delay and re-engineering time off of their HIT development cycle.

Value: Avoid reinventing the wheel.

- Proven model and experience
- Return on investment
- Improved productivity and patient care quality
- Improved regulatory compliance
- Improved provider adoption
- Improved provider satisfaction and retention
- Improved hospital administration satisfaction with provider group
- Improved patient satisfaction with hospital and providers